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Einhell 30cm 16L Hand Mower

This hand mower is environmentally friendly and has powerful metal blades. The cutting height is adjustable from 15 to 42mm and the grass bag holds 16 litres. The handles are foldable for easy storage and this lawnmower comes with a 2 year warranty and replacement bags which you can easily obtain more of on line at


Einhell Rotary Lawn Mower 900 Watt

The Einhell Rotary lawn mower has a 30cm cutting width and a powerful 900 watt engine and features a dead man's safety switch.. It is suitable for the small garden and is lightweight (7.5kg) with impact resistant housing.There is a single wheel height adjustment. The cutting height can be set at 3 levels, 25mm,42.5mm,and 60mm.This lawn mower has large wheels, a folding handle and a grass collection box which holds 28 litres.

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